Monthly Archives: August 2011

VCA 2.0 Technology

Hey everyone be sure to checkout this video about OCZ’s latest VCA 2.0 technology . The Virtualized Controller Architecture technology is featured in our RevoDrive 3 Series PCIe SSDs and well as our Z-drive R4 and Talos SSDs.

2011 Flash Memory Summit

OCZ was in full swing at the 2011 Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA. Check out this video recap of all the great action that went on at the OCZ booth.

QuakeCon 2011 with Fatal1ty!!

“What would you do for an OCZ Fatal1ty PSU?”

Choosing the Right PCI Express Slot for the RevoDrive 3

Ever wonder how much of a difference choosing the right PCI Express slot for your drive can make? Well the increase in performance is nothing short of amazing. If you don’t install the drive into a PCI Express slot with …