Find The Right SSD Upgrade For Your Laptop !

laptop ssd upgrade

Thinking about upgrading your laptop with an SSD (or two)? Depending on your specific laptop, there may be more than one option that best suits your specific needs.

Dual Hard Drive bays:

• If you’re seeking the ultimate performance upgrade from your HDD, install two SSDs in the available drive bays for increased speeds and responsiveness. Craving more performance? Look into a RAID 0 configuration for the two SSDs for that extra edge.

• For those looking for an upgrade but also mindful of cost, utilizing a low capacity SSD (boot drive for your operating system) and a high capacity HDD is a great alternative; this will provide you with improved performance from the SSD, yet maintain large storage volume from the HDD.

Single Drive bay:

• If your laptop offers a single drive bay, replacing your HDD with a large capacity SSD is the ideal solution (in terms of performance/storage capacity), but some may be looking for more a value-oriented option. This shouldn’t deter your yearning to achieve performance nirvana; simply install a lower capacity SSD, decide what files are seldom accessed and maintain those on an external HDD (if needed).

Optical Drive Bay = Extra drive bay:

• Finding little use for the optical drive? This method can be a viable option for you. Most modern laptops will allow the installation of an additional drive bay in lieu of the optical drive. This swap can be accomplished using a drive caddy kit that will allow the installation of an SSD into the caddy, which then installs into the optical bay.

mSATA Slot :

• Certain laptops will offer an mSATA interface; if your laptop offers this feature, OCZ offers the Notci and Strata mSATA SSDs that will make the most use of this interface. Using this cost-effective method will provide you with an efficient means of increasing performance while maintaining the storage capacity of an HDD. This allows for the ideal combination of a boot drive and storage drive for the consumer looking for an ideal upgrade while working with limited storage space.

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