Update Your OCZ Solid State Drive Firmware with Bootable Linux Tools

The OCZ Bootable Linux Tool is a great alternative to OCZ’s Toolbox for updating your drive’s firmware (FW).  Since the OCZ Toolbox is only for Windows 7 machines, the Bootable Linux Tool is compatible with Linux and Windows (XP and newer) environments, therefore allowing you to update your FW on operating systems other than Windows 7. MAC OS X users please refer to this guide here.

In this particular video, I will show you how simple and easy it is to update the FW on an OCZ Agility 4 SSD using OCZ’s Bootable Linux Tools (v3.20.4).


  • It’s recommended that you backup your drive before attempting any updates or changes
  • Please ensure your SATA controller is in AHCI mode for optimal results
  • An active internet connection is required for updates (wired or wireless)
  • You can find the latest updates and tools for your OCZ SSD here
  • You can find detailed information on the Bootable Linux Tools here

Before you begin, you will need to create a bootable USB or CD with OCZ’s Bootable Linux Tool installed. Please refer to this guide here for further details on how to create a bootable USB or CD.  In this example, I will be using a USB drive as the bootable media.

First, download the Universal USB Installer here and the appropriate OCZ Linux Tools here.

  • Select “Try Unlisted Linux ISO” form the distribution dropdown menu
  • Click “Browse” and select the OCZ Linux Tools .ISO file
  • Select the appropriate drive letter of your USB Flash drive
  • Check the “Format” box (this will erase all data on the USB Drive)
  • Click “Create”

After booting into OCZ’s Bootable Linux Tool, select “Firmware Update” from the task bar. A pop-up window will appear, and after a few seconds it will ask you to confirm the firmware update.

Type “y” and press enter to continue the FW update process. The system will now continue and update the drive’s FW to the latest revision.  If the FW update is successful, the following prompt will pop up in green, “FIRMWARE UPDATE SUCCEEDED”.

Please shut down and reboot the system to finalize the update.

The OCZ Agility 4 SSD started out with FW v.1.5 and now has been updated to FW v1.5.2.

7 comments on “Update Your OCZ Solid State Drive Firmware with Bootable Linux Tools

  1. rozwell on said:

    Still prefer smaller fwupd but this can work too.
    Now, how to do a downgrade to specific version?

  2. Steve Rand on said:

    Thankyou, after mucking around with live boot CDs and linux bootable USB methods which were all messy or didn’t work properly, I was able to use this guide to upgrade my 128Gb Vertex 3 in my Lenovo T420.
    Booted from USB to the live linux, selected my internal primary disk (not primary while live booting), hit the firmware update/download button (using wired LAN connection) and it was done in a few seconds. Rebooted.
    From 2.22 to 2.25:
    2.22 sequential read/write: 448mb/54mb
    2.25 sequential read/write: 451mb/85mb
    Using AS SSD benchmark 1.6.4

  3. Can I use this on a Mac, since i don’t have access to a wired Internet connection at the moment?

  4. Eric on said:

    I have an OCZ Octane Sata 2.0 and would like to try the firmware update on it using this method. Can I use this method and attach the ssd to one of the other usb ports on the laptop or does it have to be internally installed. I don’t want to put the ssd in the laptop until it is working properly. Also when I bought the ssd about a year ago it never came with a code to get the imaging software from OCZ. Is there a way to get a code from OCZ to get some imaging software that actually works with this model of ssd?

    • Junior on said:

      Hi Eric,

      The SSD must be connected to a SATA port inside your system. If you have a desktop system, you can temporarily install the SSD in there and upgrade the firmware that way and the ninstall the SSD into your laptop. Unfortunately, the Octane S2 was not bundled with cloning software, but there are alternative methods to clone your existing drive, please feel free to check out our support forums http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/ for additional help. You can also contact our tech support at http://ocz.com/consumer/support/tech.

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